Statistical Services

Whether your business conducts surveys among their customers or wants to assess the impact of different government policies on its operations, statistical services are of tremendous help. To make decisions on scientifically-backed results justifies the move and permits businesses better understand their surrounding in the framework of cause-and-effect.

Baker Tilly Armenia offers superior statistical services, not offered by any other consulting company in Armenia or in the region, through its outstanding team of statisticians. We know what the gaps are that many consulting firms neglect to address but which are highly critical, and we use them to turn our clients’ random or haphazard actions into scientifically-backed chain of actions.

Statistical Services

Statistical Analysis

How will the changes in tax laws or macroeconomic variables affect businesses? Cross-sectional, time series and many other sophisticated analytical tools are employed to provide solid answers to our clients.


Many businesses implement surveys or use them to devise certain strategies, but whether selected samples are representative and can be relied upon is what our statisticians will help you with.

Survey Development and Analysis

Surveys enable companies understand and justify their pricing, compensation or other actions, and we’re here to offer the entire package of survey services, including questionnaire development and final analysis.

Database Construction

Archiving and having data are often given low priorities, but the developed world shows that it is highly critical and we want to guide you through the process of saving data in adequate database and applying analytical tools.


The world is so complex that millions of factors affect the forecasts or other calculated numbers. That’s why having the distribution or upper and lower limits can help businesses picture potential lower and upper bounds.

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