Forensic Accounting & Litigation

In this fast-changing world of business, businesses often neglect the legal framework for governance, operations and management. Consequently, their behavior leads to legal problems, which they have to deal with along with other on-going business issues.

Baker Tilly Armenia has been offering forensic and litigation services to clients for many years. Particularly, it has vast experience in fraud investigation, dispute resolution, during which our team of experts conducts painstaking background checks, financial information investigation, provide expert witness testimony and, overall, ensure that the client feels protected.

Forensic Accounting & Litigation

Dispute Services

Baker Tilly Armenia has experience in dispute management and helps parties solve the dispute in the most optimal way for both sides and, if necessary, provides expert witness.

Fraud Investigations

Businesses have to be alert as fraud instances happen quite often, and if such fraud cases arise, we can help you thoroughly investigate the allegations and provide expert solutions to better safeguard your values.

Legal Compliance and Document Control

To avoid legal actions and penalties, clients want to ensure they meet the compliance requirements and the authenticity of the legal documents. Who else can better help you in this, if not Baker Tilly Armenia.

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