Audit and Assurance

Integrity, impartial approach and reliability are our key guiding principles. As an independent body, we thoroughly review all financial statements, internal accounts, and other necessary information to fully understand the business and the industry sector. Our team ensures that the data is based on compliance requirements, assesses the financial position of the client, and concludes the audit in the form of management letters and suggestions.

During the audit process, our specialists advise clients on issues of risk management, control, accounting standards, performance measures, such as cost reduction and revenue expansion. At the end of the audit, our team also offers forward looking suggestions and ways to facilitate the growth of the business.

Besides external audit, we also provide internal audit and help businesses convert their accounting reporting standards from one system to another. Regardless of the type of audit and assurance service, we assist our clients spot and use the opportunities identified during audit.  

Audit and Assurance

Internal Audit

The review of existence, validity and functionality of control systems is only one side of the internal audit, the other being the identification of ineffective risk management practices and management decisions.

IFRS reporting

More and more countries change their accounting standards into IFRS, thus, initiating the need for conversion that takes hours of work. To lower the burden of clients, we offer our help to free your time.

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