Our mystery shopping solutions puts you in driving seat

Why is Mystery Shopping needed?

Our lives are flooded with the flow of praises by companies with the aim of increasing the customer base:

 ''We provide the lowest prices''

''We have huge sales and discounts''

''We offer the lowest interest rates''

However, very rarely you hear about the employees, service quality, and ultimate satisfaction.  Surprisingly, research shows that these exact measures may largely affect companies lose potential clients, thus profit. Particularly, the outcomes of the researches show that as much as 90% of customers who are unhappy will not complain directly to the service provider, rather will switch immediately to competitors. Moreover, 1 unhappy customer will tell 8-10 people about his/her bad experience, and each of them will tell about the original bad experience to additional 5 people. Ultimately, 1 unhappy customer will result in loss of 60 potential customers.

What do we suggest?

Baker Tilly Armenia offers unique tools for companies to monitor the flow of their business and ensure the provision of high quality service. The most effective tool is the mystery shopping service, which enables companies measure their performance in relation to the competitors, employees’ attitude and get unbiased assessment and recommendations on how to move forward with high quality at hand.

The assessment cannot be fairly implemented by the company employees; instead, we can conduct it to maintain the “mystery” and anonymity. Our shoppers, armed with realistic and tailor-made scenarios, will help you identify the areas of improvement .

Who Will Benefit from the Mystery Shopping Service?

-       Hotels
-       Restaurants
-       Banks
-       Credit organizations

Any company that wants to be informed about the company’s inner workings, be informed about potential and present problems,  and make more profound and evidence-based decision. Information gathered through mystery shopping is used to make specific improvements, revise the training program of employees, change product positioning and/or delivery, and maximize the quality of service, essentially improving the company turnover.

It takes years to gain a customer - but just seconds to lose one!


If you don't take care of your customers, your competitors will