Parandzem Gevorgyan

Parandzem Gevorgyan

Managing Partner

“Believe that vanquishing fears and challenges is always a step up” 

Work at Baker Tilly

Parandzem is the managing partner of Baker Tilly Armenia, which was initially established as Business Consult in 1996. In 2007 her company received an invitation from Baker Tilly International to join the network. Since then she has been the key active person in the company acquiring new clients and maintaining long-lasting relationships with them. Her expertise in the company is broad including audit, tax, and legal services. Being in the financial services sector for about 17 years, she worked on financial services sector, including banks, insurance companies, and others.

Prior work and interests/extracurricular

Parandzem started her career in 1982 at the Central Bank of Armenia. After 6-years of public sector experience, she tested herself in the private sector. From general accountant in Cooperative Bank she progressed to the managerial position in Erebuni Bank. At her work, she became an expert in banking sector, honed her managerial skills, and, envisioning the promising future, established her own company. She conducted series of lectures organized by DAI (Banking, Investments, Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Tax Legislative Framework). Besides her career-centered activities, Parandzem enjoys her free time by horseback riding, chess playing and shooting. 


Parandzem graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Economics in 1982. She received double degrees in Accounting/ Finance and Law.