Lusine Yengoyan

Lusine YengoyanHead of Accounting and Outsourcing Department

"Never underestimate the power of knowledge."

Work at Baker Tilly Armenia

Lusine is the Head of Accounting and Outsourcing Department. She joined the company in 2012. Soon Lusine became a key member of Baker Tilly Armenia team and proved herself to be a great leader. Her ability to handle herself in tough situations and adapt to new surroundings is quite impressive and inspiring. Being an exceptional leader, she motivates her team members to overcome difficulties and acts as a role model.  Her field of expertise includes but is not limited to outsourced accounting and reporting of international and local nonprofit organizations, construction, production, IT companies and so on.

Prior work and activities

Previously Lusine has worked at various companies and accumulated practical experience in various fields. She has worked as a chief accountant at numerous organizations and taught economics at educational institutions. The area of her responsibilities as a chief accountant included financial accounting and reporting, tax calculations, supervision of general accounting operations and financial transactions and so on.

When having free time, Lusine prefers to spend it with her husband and two sons in the countryside, besides, she loves studying foreign languages and cultures.

Education and awards

Lusine has received her degree in Economics from Armenian State University of Economics. Being diligent and self-disciplined, Lusine has never stopped attending various seminars and classes to improve her knowledge and keep up with changes in the accounting field.

Lusine Yengoyan